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Strong Alcohol Brands Begin with Proven Strategies

The Aristocrat Group Corp. continually develops breakthrough ways to commercialize and innovate beverage alcohol products with a proven following. The Aristocrat Group Corp. is taking this concept to a new level by announcing Luxuria Brands — a new subsidiary focused on brand management and sustainability in the bevarage alcohol sector. This new arm will develop and market brands using strategic, cross-cultural branding initiatives that engage businesses and consumers alike. The first order of business for Luxuria Brands is to begin creating brand identities and loyalty within the distilled spirits sector. Working under confidentiality agreements, Luxuria Brands has identified manufacturing partners to develop, bottle and distribute a unique lines of vodkas.
The market for vodka is estimated to be at almost 60 million cases per year in the US alone. According to the Global Market Review, vodka maintained significant growth during the recession and is an established, stable product for consumers. What’s most astounding is that the beverages priced at a premium level are garnering top-dollar returns for businesses and investors. Luxuria Brands is developing promotion strategies that create a unique selling opportunity to place ASCC in a leadership position. The first brand we have developed is for an ultra-premium handcrafted spirit, RWB Vodka, which has already met remarkable success, including multiple awards. A second lifestyle vodka brand is set to debut in 2015.



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Distilled Spirits

RWBpsd13bAristocrat Group Corp is proud to announce the launch of Big Box Vodka

Big Box's innovative packaging has been designed for maximum convenience and portability, making the product the perfect choice for spirit consumers on the go.

Big Box Vodka is a spirit that is:

RWBpsd13bWe are proud to introduce our debut spirits brand: RWB Ultra Premium Handcrafted Vodka

RWB Ultra Premium Handcrafted Vodka is a potato-based, gluten-free vodka that has been months in the making and is now our premier distilled spirit. It has a growing number of retailers and is currently distributed by the largest distributor in North America. RWB Vodka has been honored by Spirits International Prestige (SIP) as a platinum award-winning vodka (2013), and received the 15 gold & silver medals in 2014.

The Aristocrat Group Corp. and its brand management division, Luxuria Brands, have worked closely with Idaho distiller Distilled Resources, Inc. (DRInc) to produce a beverage with the highest odds of success in the booming, $5.5 billion US vodka market. Distilled from Idaho russet potatoes, RWB Ultra-Premium Handcrafted Vodka is a spirit that…

RWB Ultra Premium Handcrafted Vodka is the first of two distinct vodka brands that Luxuria Brands has released with the next brand poised for release this year.

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Distilled Spirits Offer Unparalleled Opportunity

Some of the biggest brand management companies are now household names and have billion dollar market caps. Diageo, which owns Crown Roayl and LVMH, which owns Moët Hennessy and Louis Vuitton, have all made their mark.

The Aristocrat Group Corp. aims to capitalize on this tremendous market opportunity by targeting companies that are developing the next wave of adult beverages. The Aristocrat Group Corp. has identified manufacturing partners that will work with us to develop, bottle and distribute a unique selection of fine vodka products worldwide.

Becoming part of the Aristocrat Group Corp. as an investor will secure your role in the development of what stands to be a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Vodka’s Rich History

Vodka has a deep and vibrant history. For more than 500 years, manufacturers of the product have enjoyed branding flexibility — positioning the distilled spirit in ways that make impactful statements in an international market.

Brand recognition spans across cultures, city lines and generational gaps. More importantly, premium, super-premium and ultra-premium vodka have won the world over as a means to solid, lucrative and sustaining business opportunities.

Inherently, vodka boasts a very high market share, accounting for 25 percent of all distilled spirits sold in the US. What this means for the Aristocrat Group Corp. investors, is that they have a remarkable chance to capitalize on a PROVEN commodity and business model for distribution. Now is the time to join the Aristocrat Group Corp. as we embark on an incredible market opportunity.

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